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Mishima plant PV

Construction of Mishima plant completed in February 2014
The average age is 34, the workers are young and lively, and many women are active.

[Equipment personation series] Inline soldering equipment

[Equipment personation series] Cell production soldering equipment

[Group gymnastics series] Inline soldering equipment & SENPUJIN

[Group gymnastics series] Cell production soldering equipment & Rudra

Cyclone type soldering iron cleaner【SENPUJIN】

We have developed a cyclone type soldering iron cleaner.
Vortex-like air flow is generated inside the cleaner ,and dirt on the soldering iron tip is removed without contact.
Even if it is used repeatedly, the dirt is removed stable.

Cyclone type soldering iron cleaner【Rudra】

Cleaner specially developed for soldering heads used in welding robots.Relying on the same patented technology as SENPUJIN, removal of residual stains on the surface of the iron head by rotary air and centralized collection of the stains avoided. The dirt scatters inside the device to reduce the cleaning pressure.Compatible with all shapes of iron head.

Cell production soldering equipment

This is the equipment that combines the functions of inline automatic soldering equipment into one.
It realizes space saving and plays an active part in the trial production stage in development room and laboratory.
In addition, since one operator can operate multiple units simultaneously, it is also suitable for manufacturing sites.

Inline soldering equipment

We developed inline automatic soldering equipment suitable for not using a solder bath.
The feature of this equipment is that it automatically clamps and solders insert part mounting boards in A4 size with our patented “Multi placement jig”.
As it holds parts flexibly regardless of the number of inserted parts and mounting layout, it is suitable for the production of various types of boards.

Multi placement jig

No need for special jig production!!
Suitable for small-lot, high-mix, trial production.
We developed “Multi placement jig” as holding jig of various mounting boards.
Innumerable pins trace the shape of the mounting boards, lock the pins at that position, and hold the shape of the mounted parts.
As a result, stable soldering has become possible without preparing a special jig at the time of express order or trial production.
【Patent acquisition:No.5864808】