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Trade name

Shoritsu Electric Industry Co., Ltd.




50 million yen

Business Contents

PCB Assembly

Board Members

Akio Fukuda (Board Chairman)

Kosuke Nakajima (President, plant executive officer)

Yuta Fukuda (Executive director, chief administration manager)

Masaki Fukuda (Executive managing director, chief sales manager)

Zeng Wei (Executive officer as overseas division chief director)


Head Office

  212-0025, Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki City Saiwai District,
  Furukawa Town 81-2

  Tel +81-44-511-5511 (Main ) Fax +81-44-511-5513

Mishima Factory

  411-0042, Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture Mishima City Heiseidai 50

  Tel +81-55-988-8811 (Main) Fax +81-55-988-8813

Osaka Office

  550-0005, Japan, Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi-ku,
  Nishihonmachi 1-4-1 Orix-Honmachi-Building 4F

  Tel +81-6-6532-8808 (Main) Fax +81-6-6536-7211

Shanghai Subsidiary



  6999- B-16 Chuansha Road Pudong xin qu , Shanghai, China
  Tel 8621-5859-4849 Fax 8621-5859-2785

  Type of Investment: German Capital: $300,000 USD

Shanghai Subsidiary

  Shoritsu (Shanghai) international trading co., Ltd.


  999 -1101 Zhong shan xi Road, Shang Ning qu , ShangHai, China
  Tel 8621-6270-2295 Fax 8621-6270-2297

  Type of Investment: German Capital: $600,000 USD

Number of Employees
-as of 2017-

Head Office Workers

Mishima Factory Workers

Osaka Office Workers

Shanghai, Shoritsu Electric Co., Ltd. Workers

Shoritsu (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. Workers

11 (8 men, 3 women)

88 (44 men, 44 women)

2 (2 men, 0 women)

150 (15 men, 135 women)

3 (1 man, 2 women)

Trading Bank

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Kawasaki Branch

Mizuho Bank Kawasaki Branch

Yokohama Bank Kawasaki Branch

Shoko Chukin Bank Numazu Branch

Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Kashimada Branch

Mishima Shinkin Bank Mishima-Kita Branch

To contribute to society, and pursue a high-value enterprise
To create a company around the customer’s mindset and devoted to customer benefits
To create an open and clear company open in regards to new innovative ideas
To consider the life establishment and improvement of our employees

Shoritsu Electric Co., since its inception 59 years, has strived for quality printed circuit board mount assemblies. With the support from a wide range of suppliers, we’ve built up an impressive track record.

Recognizing the “human power” of each employee is a tradition of Shoritsu Electric over many years, and we take pride in its evidence of success when evaluated by other businesses.

Over years of experience through innovation in today’s electronics industry, we have acquired the know how for advanced technology, and being quality-oriented, we established our flexible “own production”.

Additionally, our current manufacturing industries has moved into overseas market of production, as well as accelerated domestic production in regards to the needs of our customers with our most recently completed, new Mishima plant. This endeavor offers a shorter turn around time, lower cost, and higher quality satisfaction to our customers.

All of our employees work by the traditions of Shoritsu Electric Co. towards further manufacturing solidarity in future.

We appreciate your cooperation.

President and Representative Director, Kosuke Nakajima


Personal management, Shoritsu Mfg. established.

July, 1958

Shoritsu Electric Co. Ltd. organizational change.

July, 1969

Organizational changes to to Daein factory, Inc. in Ohito-Cho, Shizuoka Prefecture

November, 1969

Received Ministry approval to become a registered electrical goods factory (for electric heater equipment manufacturing)

November, 1972

Received Ministry approval to become a registered electrical goods factory (for applied equipment manufacturing business, AC motors, etc.)

February, 1981

Ministry approval recorded as a Japanese Industrial Standards showcase factory (for electric mixers)

April, 1991

The Mishima factory was established in Sawachi District Industrial Park. Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture (Ohito factory closed)

June, 1992

Headquarters for the manufacturing division transferred to our Mishima factory

January, 1993

Added the nursery building (40 Tsubo / You should change this to Metric measurement) 

July, 1998

Procurement Division Headquarters was transferred to Mishima factory September, 2000: Lead-free production began

October, 2001

Mishima plant and headquarters obtained ISO14001 certification (JQA-EM1856)

June, 2002

Shanghai Shoritsu Electric Co., Ltd. established on Pudong xin qu industrial district

March, 2007

Mishima factory and headquarters obtained ISO9001 certification (JQA-QMA13176)

March, 2007

Mishima factory and headquarters obtained ISO9001 certification (JQA-QMA13176)

April, 2008:

Shanghai, Shoritsu Electronic Co., Ltd. established

July, 2008

Completed headquarter renewal to commemorate our 50th anniversary

March, 2011

Second Mishima plant completed in Sawachi Industrial Park

Febuary, 2013

Second Mishima plant closed and new factory construction began at the same site

October, 2013

Shanghai Shoritsu Electric Co., Ltd. closed and Shoritsu (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. established in its place

Febuary, 2014

New Mishima plant construction completed

September, 2015

Opened the Osaka office