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Shanghai Shoritsu manufactures lots of products at low cost Shanghai Shoritsu has implementation facilities common to the Mishima factory. It is possible to share implementation data from the Mishima factory . , Shanghai Shoritsu ships to customers while reducing production costs and delivering stable quality.

It is possible to share implementing data with the Mishima factory by an automatic implementation system equipped with 2 lines.

Automatic insertion machine to insert parts implementation effectively

Standard of appearance examination common to the Mishima factory to improve quality

RoHS solder pot equipped with 2 lines

ICT test machine capable of data transfer from the Mishima factory

Shanghai, SHORITSU Electronics Co., Ltd., the predecessor, was founded in 2008 and began formal trading functions in February of 2014 as Shoritsu (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd Located in Shanghai City, Shoritsu International Trading Co., Ltd offers the utilization of flexible services for customer convenience. Sales of electronic components and products, as well as plastic products, digital products, computer software, metal products, machinery and equipment, furniture. We offer consulting services in the production of costumes and bags, shoes, hats, jewelry and accessories, food wholesale, import and export and related technologies.

Shanghai, Shoritsu provides the same product and the same quality as the Mishima plant facilities.

Japan domestic customers can order worry–free even if there were problems with products manufactured in Shanghai. Of course, the Mishima plant as well as in Shanghai supports you.

・Purchasing information
Shanghai Shoritsu and Shoritsu International use the same management system as the Mishima plant. Shoritsu is equipped with a comprehensive system for inventory management.

・Exports & imports
Shanghai Shoritsu can receive parts sent from the Mishima factory, and can send parts purchased in Shanghai to the Mishima plant. Products manufactured in Shanghai through Shoritsu (Shanghai) International Trading, can be exported to countries around the world. Boats travel regularly from Shanghai to Mishama twice a month.

・Technical support
During production,, necessary jig tools and procedure booklets are provided from Japan. Our companies have training on handling. etc…

・Replacement parts search
Our companies can investigate the replacement of Chinese and Asian manufacturers for purchasing. With this cooperation from our company, customers need not feel an impasse to lower costs in Japan.


Process example of production at Shanghai base