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【Procurement / Production control】
We do accepting order, placing order, production control, stock control, and so on in order to control the production of parts and PC boards in this section.
Our original sales control system which is based on our knowledge and experience makes us possible to meet customer’s expectations.
【Manufacturing of PC board/ Product assembly】
It is possible to have lean manufacturing by dividing mounting process.
Even though we have more than 1,200 different kinds of production in a year, we can search production documents and plans immediately by using our original production control system.

【Checking / Shipment】
Checking and packaging before shipment are done in this section.
Mounted PC boards are to be visually checked as following the design which is defined by a customer.
This check is going to prevent defective products from being shipped.

【Technical support / Improvement of productive efficiency】
This section is functioned for improvement of productive efficiency, instruction and control of techniques, and maintenance of the equipments.
In order to have smooth manufacturing of PC board, we instruct how to use and maintain the equipments, and we also fix problems which are occurred in production process.

This is the front group of Mishima plant for manufacturing PC boards.

Customer service, accepting and placing orders, production control, and stock control are done in this group.
It is available for us to give some suggestions like replacing parts, cost-cutting, and so on.

Purchasing service

There are more than 200 electronic parts manufacturer which are connected with us.

If you have problems to purchase those parts, we can help you to find and introduce companies, or purchase them for you. Also, it is available to purchase from Asian manufacturer through Shoritsu (Shanghai) int’l co., ltd.

Accepting orders / Placing orders

As following customer’s request, the person in charge is to be accepting order and placing order to make up for the shortage parts.

Ordering process is done effectively by using our original sales control system.

Accepting parts

We ensure traceability of parts because of bar-code sticker which is attached to each part after checking name and number of each part.

Stock control

In order to control each customer’s stock, every parts are to be classified and stocked by each customer and recorded in the inventory book.

It is available to answer the inventory status promptly and clearly whenever you need.

Production control

The person in charge of placing order is to decide delivery date as understanding both expected delivery date by customer and capable delivery date by us.

Parts positioning and fabrication

Parts are to be became in kit before positioned to each manufacturing process.

By being read the bar-code sticker, we ensure first-in first-out system and traceability of parts.

Parts which need fabrication before they are mounted are in same system as above. Those parts are positioned to each manufacturing process after the fabrication.

Production group is the keystone of Mishima plant.
There are three teams, and each one is called the Automatic implementation team, the Robot implementation team, and the Assembly/ Checking team.
It is possible to have lean production by dividing production processes.

The Automatic implementation team

his group is for the process of automatic machine mounting and appearance check. We have three lines of automatic machine mounting.
There are nitrogen reflow ovens, and they make us possible to have high quality and equable mounting process. Automatic appearance check machines are applied for the appearance check.

The list of equipment in the Automatic implementation team

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
クリームはんだ印刷機 HG-700 日立インダストリ-ズ
ディスペンサー CPD-1000 富士機械製造
コンパクト高速装着機 XP-142E 富士機械製造
高速マウンター XPF-L 富士機械製造
コンパクト多機能装着機 XP243E 富士機械製造
8ゾーン窒素リフロー炉 NJ06M-82-RLF エイテックテクトロン
N2発生装置 NE-20PS コフロック
N2PSA用コンプレッサー SCD-110JCBD0 アネスト岩田

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
クリームはんだ印刷機 GPX 富士機械製造
高速ディスペンサー CPD-1000(typeⅡ) 株式会社鈴木
コンパクト高速装着機 XP-143E 富士機械製造
コンパクト多機能装着機 XP-242E 富士機械製造
窒素リフロー炉 N30-122LRF エイテックテクトロン
N2発生装置 NE-20PS コフロック
N2PSA用コンプレッサー SCD-110JCBD0 アネスト岩田

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
クリーム半田印刷機 GPX-HD 富士機械製造
ディスペンサー YSD YAMAHA
高速マウンター YS12 YAMAHA
異形マウンター YS100 YAMAHA
N2リフロー炉 NJ06-82M40 エイテック
N2発生装置 022-NE20PS コフロック
スクリューコンプレッサー Z155AS2-R 三井精機工業

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
基板外観検査装置 M22XCL-450 日本マランツ
基板外観検査装置 M22XCL-350 日本マランツ
卓上型高速外観検査装置 BF-SRIUS SAKI

自動挿入機 装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
アキシャルリ-ド型電子部品挿入機 パナサートAV (AVF) パナサート
ラジアルリ-ド型電子部品挿入機 パナサートAV (RH6) パナサート

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
堅型ローターリー射出成型機  JT40REL Ⅲ 日本製鋼所
金型温度調節機 MCL-25-X-J 松井製作所
清掃簡易型低速粉砕機 MGL-100型 松井製作所
小型スクリュコンプレッサ SKESANⅡ 神戸製鋼
大型プログラム定温乾燥器 DOV-600PA ASONE
除湿熱風乾燥機 マルチジェット MJ3-15J-OP 松井製作所
測定顕微鏡 MF-B3017B ヨツトミ

メタルマスク 装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
メタルマスク洗浄機 SC-AH100-LV サワーコーポレーション

ピン打ち機 装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
ストレートピン端子挿入機 PIS-10-2010 icrex (アイレックス)
90度曲げピン端子挿入機 PIS-60-2010 icrex (アイレックス)

The Robot implementation team

In robot implementation team, automatic soldering machines which are newly introduced are mainly applied for our production.
In the process of manual mounting and soldering mounting, parts which are hard to be mounted by machines are to be mounted by workers.
This process is done with automatic soldering machine in nitrogen gas atmosphere.

The list of equipment in the Robot implementation team

ロボットはんだ 装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
はんだ付けロボット J-CAT400STELLAR+RSP アポロ精工株式会社
はんだ付けロボット mini-maxⅢ ㈱津々巳電機
スプレーフラクサー MXL-400Y 日本電熱計器
窒素封入式はんだ装置 ILF-400K 日本電熱計器
スプレーフラクサー MXL-350Y 日本電熱計器
窒素封入式はんだ装置 ILF-350HB 日本電熱計器
N2発生装置 NDLA-4200-TP 日本電熱計器
N2PSA用コンプレッサー Z155AS-R 三井精機

The Assembly/ Checking team

Assembly/ Checking team is the process of mounting parts which are supposed be mounted in previous process.
It is also the process of assembly, and adjustment and checking.
As cooperating with robot implementation team, automatic soldering machines which are newly introduced are applied for our production in order to enhance operation efficiency.
A bed of nails is also available for functional check. It depends on each customer’s request.
We use robots for soldering in the process in order to enhance operation efficiency and improve our quality.

Checking process

This is the process of checking of completed PC boards after mounting processes.
A bed of nails is also available for functional check.
We also write a program. It depends on each customer’s request.

Post-mounted process

Post-mounted process

Assembly process

Every PC board which has been checked in the checking process is to be assembled in this process.
We can incorporate PC board into product flame at customer’s request, and it can be shipped to the market.

The list of equipment in the Assembly/ Checking team

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
基板分割機 T-HX98D ティエステ
基板分割機 T-MS20 ティエステ
基板分割機 T-MD22D ティエステ
インサーキットテスター ZPC-5000 オカノ電機
定温乾燥機 Dring Oven DX31 Yamato

This group is checking and packaging of product before shipment.

Mounted PC boards are to be visually checked as following the design which is defined by a customer.
It prevents defective products from being shipped.
Packaging is done as following each customer’s packaging standard after the number of products is ascertained.


This group is for improvement of productive efficiency, instruction and control of techniques, and maintenance of the equipments.
We also suggest cost-cutting by automated manufacturing.
We have manufactured more than 1000 different kinds of jig and tool.
This actual achievement can be applied in the processes of soldering, parts manufacturing, assembly of PC board, and so on.
In order to improve productive efficiency, cutting machine which is controlled by computer numerical control (CNC) is brought in for manufacturing high-quality jig and tool.
We also make cost-cutting suggestions which will be brought by jig and tool for functional check and automatic manufacturing.

The list of equipment in the manufacturing technique group

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
卓上精密旋盤 L-5200型 コスモキカイ
小型フライス盤 KC-Ⅱ 小久保鉄工所
タッピングボール盤 BT13SL 日立工機

装置名称 装置型式名 メーカー
レシプロ オイルフリー コンプレッサー TFP110BB-10M5 アネスト岩田
レシプロ オイルフリー コンプレッサー TFP110C-10 アネスト岩田
冷凍式エアードライヤー RAX15G オリオン
冷凍式エアードライヤー RAX15J オリオン
レーザーマーカー LP-430U-160 SUNX
デシカント除湿機 SGP-330 西部技研