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Sales business
Sales business
Make sales to your customers. Promote yourself and us, and serve as a contact point.

Board implementation assembly operations
Implementation of electronic components on printed circuit boards, soldering, assembly, inspection, etc.

Assistant business
Telephone response from input of orders, purchase orders, sales and parts management. Communication with suppliers and production readiness.

Manufacturing technology
Technical support for all departments. Mainly making improvements in production efficiency, product specifications research and facilities maintenance, also accompanying sales representative and doing customer consulting

Quality Management
Quality management of products board to ship Product inspection, quality improvement, document management, and work instructions

Who thinks for oneself and works spontaneously. Our corporate culture is to work cheerful and happily. Nothing lasts long without fun. An atmosphere where we can work spontaneously and get a lot of big chances is necessary. Our company has such an atmosphere.

■ A corporate culture that leaves the job to you and lets you take on challenges.
■ At company events, the President has fun together with employees.
■ Employees, mainly in their 20s and 30s, work actively.